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Multi-entry Business Offshore Visa (D212)

The eVisa D212 Multiple Entry Offshore Company is suitable for those planning trips to Indonesia throughout the year.
During the validity of the visa, you can leave Indonesia and return an unlimited number of times, 60 days are counted each time you enter the country.


Length of stay on a visa:


Visa D212 is issued for 1 year and can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days at a time, after which you must leave the country (you can return at any time).


Visa requirements:


You can apply for a D212 visa while in Indonesia and abroad, but it will only take effect upon arrival in the country using it.


The following documents are required to apply for a visa:


— a photograph of a passport with an expiration date of at least 18 months and having 4 blank pages (color photo, full spread of the passport with basic data, not cut off at the edges and without fingers).


– your color photo, preferably on a red or blue background, or on a light one (you can take a selfie: a straight face into the camera).


Extension of a visa:


At the moment, information on the extension of the D212 visa is being specified. It is not known whether this visa can be extended after a year or whether a new visa will need to be issued.
We will release information about renewals as soon as all the details are known.


Registration cost:


5,500,000 IDR (~370 USD), processing time 7-10 business days


7,000,000 IDR (~470 USD), processing time 3-5 business days


The price includes:


1. Providing sponsorship from our company


2. Visa fee


3. Obtaining an electronic visa eVisa


Features of the D212 visa:


The visa was created for the purpose of conducting business negotiations, investments, etc. Ideal for those who travel a lot during the year and do not plan a long stay in Indonesia. Keep in mind that with frequent visits throughout the year, the border officer may ask why you are flying out for a short stay, because for a long stay inside the country there are other options for long-term visas.